August’s Monthly Theme

It’s almost shipping day for our August box! (Every month boxes ship on the 6th & 7th!)

August is all about helping mom through the messes of motherhood.

August=Mommy Mess Ups!

This month’s theme was actually created by my six year old son! As I was sitting on the couch working; He came up to me and said, “Mom, I have an idea for your next box theme! Momma mess ups, to help moms like, clean up rooms, like my room. Like clean up after us messy kids”

*Eye roll* Yeah, ok kid.

He had something though! It’s a good idea that I could definitely work with, plus… I’m all for giving him a little credit to make him feel special and keep him involved!

So this month will be to help you through the momma mess ups of life. The stains, running late, literally-the messes.

Limited boxes are still available! (August box orders extended until August 8th!)

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