Well hello there!

Welcome to the official Boxy Momma blog! A place to get all the mom life things, deets about the latest monthly Momma Box, and learn more about me, the momma; Sarah Cunningham!!

Lets get some of the basics out of the way, and get things rolling!

Boxy Momma is the monthly subscription box company for moms! We support moms through motherhood, one box at a time!

When I say we, I really mean me. Sarah! For now, I’m the ring leader of the whole show! I’m just a mom going through the ups and downs of mom life, with a dream of wanting to help other moms; because I’ve realized how truly freaking HARD mom life can be.

Let’s dig into my life now!

I have three boys, (ages 2 1/2, almost 4, and almost 7) who keep me on my toes constantly. Married to my amazingly supportive husband, with our cat- Doug; and dog-Patty.

(I really was trying to get a nice picture…. really)

Motherhood has not come easy for me. I was the little girl who dreamed of the wedding, the house, the kids… the whole sha-bang for as long as I can remember.

And then it actually happened to me, and it was so far from my fairy-tale dreams.

We jumped right into family life, and parenthood. I gave up my fairy tale wedding and reception for a house. (Still hoping I can squeeze in a “honeymoon” one day though…#goals) We learned really fast about responsibility and priorities, and also how much parenting truly changes things.

I had a rocky childhood growing up myself, so to raise kids for me without having those “model parents” personally, has really added a level of difficulty. I’ve always struggled with some mental issues due to my past, and just my predisposed genetics…..but motherhood has brought it all out…..

After my first son I struggled with postpartum, I didn’t know I had it for around eight months or so. Through that time I also was suffering from Grave’s Disease without knowing. I was a mess. I finally got my thyroid issues figured out, and got back in to my good ol’ psychologist. With the help of her, getting diagnosed with Grave’s, and finally getting some medication in order, I got back on track to my new “normal”.

I hid a lot of my mental struggles from family and friends because I already felt like I was being judged so much from now being a young mom, the “college drop out” of my family since becoming pregnant, and the ONLY mom in my group of friends. The last thing I wanted to admit, was that I was struggling.

For some crazy reason, we decided we were ready for another baby since we felt our oldest needed a friend. With my second, (and third) pregnancy, I also struggled with perinatal depression. I was a lost, hormonal soul.

After my second son was born, I had a mental breakdown from ppd. I wanted to die. I blacked out. I cut myself to try and put the pain I was experiencing elsewhere. I was admitted to the ER and had to go to “partial placement” for the coming week where instead of taking care of my babies, I had to spend a week around others struggling mentally, and coloring. I again, tried hard to keep this under closed doors as much as possible. I was a GOOD mom. I wasn’t a crazy person. I felt ashamed of myself, embarrassed and disgusted that I had no control over myself and my brain. Thankfully I fought the fight, and got back control…..

and then I got pregnant again. Our third baby was a complete shock and surprise. I can’t begin to tell you the emotions I was experiencing. It was a tornado of emotions in my head. Our house was full, we already had an 8 month old, and now we had another mouth to feed.

By the time our third baby arrived, I became very well aware of my mental struggles. I knew it was inevitable, I watched for the signs. My husband looked for the cues. We were prepared, to an extent… but that is how post partum can be. One day you are fine, the next; you aren’t. One day I woke up, and it was not fine, but this time instead of running to the ER, I drove myself 11 hours to my best friend, I took some time for myself, and also went public with my mental struggles.

Through motherhood, and mental illness, I’ve realized a few things.

-The stigma that comes with mental illness is still alive and well.

-Struggling moms need WAY MORE than just a prescription for antidepressants and a pat on the back!

-Moms NEED a support group. They NEED friends, they NEED a tribe!

-Some moms aren’t always blessed with that supportive circle they so desperately need.

-Parenthood can be isolating, emotional, and exhausting (same with mental illness!)

-There just isn’t enough support out there for moms today!

With these few things that I personally have experienced, I wanted to do something about it- because some of these feelings SUCK, and no mom should have to go through the hardest job of all feeling discouraged, alone, and not valued.

I want to break the stigma that comes with mental illness. I want to raise awareness about ppd and other health issues that can arise after birth. I want moms to know they have someone to lean on. I want moms to know they are loved.

So I work tirelessly, between my own mom life duties to try and help moms by curating fun monthly gift boxes that are related to motherhood. I want to give moms something to look forward to for themselves, a reward for their hard work, a reminder they are AMAZING!

So I will end it here for now, I hope you’ve gotten to know a little more about my backstory and my inspiration for Boxy Momma. It’s been a fun first year, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Feel free to take a look at our subscription box website and follow us for more mom fun!


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