August Unboxing!

Fun fact, my six year old son came up with this theme. He LOVES helping me as much as he can with anything box related, so one day I’m working he says “Mom, you should make a Momma Mess Up box! To help moms with things like, cleaning up my room” I chuckled but thought to myself. He may have something here! So I rolled with it. Anything to help him feel a little extra special, plus he actually helped me! Win, win!

So this month I focused on some of the many momma mess ups of life and filled our Momma Box with goodies to help with just that! Check it out-

Messy Citation– Tired of cleaning up everyone’s mess? Save your voice and hand out a messy citation from Knock Knock Stuff! They are perfect to use for your family. Especially those darn kids! I have found them to be a great tool to use instead of hearing mom nag about the mess. Give them a try, I hope they help! RV $6

Stain Remover– For the literal messes of motherhood, try this awesome stain remover from the Emergency Stain Company! I’m obsessed with this stuff. It safely and instantly removes food stains, accident, and even blood stains! Use it on clothes, carpet or upholstery! It has no sulfates, phosphates, and is 100% biodegradable! I hope you like it as much as I do! RV $8.99

Body Wipes– For the mornings mom messed up, slept in and now has got to GO… but needs a shower… grab an Instant Fresh Body Wipe from Busy Beauty! Just wipe your skin to feel instantly fresh and remove dirt, oil and odor. It’s safe for all areas, and skin types! RV $1.99/ea

Key Finder– One mom mess that I am constantly guilty of, is losing my keys.. especially when we are in a time crunch! I am always setting them down somewhere, just throwing them in my purse, leaving them in the fridge… (true story) The Finders Key Purse is perfect for mom life! It’s super easy to use! 1. Attach the clasp to your key ring or fob and 2. Rest the hook on your purse or diaper bag’s edge with the keys inside your purse! RV $7.95

Password book– I am constantly forgetting my passwords.. and by the time I get a password memorized, it has to be changed again! These password logs are perfect for just that! No more having to reset passwords just to forget the new one! Keep track of everything in one place! These nifty password books are from TF Publishing! RV $5.99

RFID card case– Another mom mess that you may not think about… stay protected and avoid getting your card information stolen! Fun fact, The Boxy Momma account got hacked a couple months ago. I still have no idea how, but my credit union advised me it was most likely from a card scanner. Thankfully I got caught it quickly, and got the situation taken care of; but what a mess that can be! So I want to make sure you are protected with a cute RFID credit card case from Gift Craft! RV $11.99

Mom Necklace– No matter what mom mess you are dealing with, never forget.. YOU ARE MOM ENOUGH! When you are having a bad day, remind yourself. You were meant for this, you were meant to be a mom and you are mom enough! This cute hand made necklace is from Amy Catherine Charms; another awesome momma made shop! RV $18

BONUS! Phone wipes– One huge mess we don’t even realize is our cell phones! They can get NASTY, and full of germs! Give these phone wipes a try from Clean Freak!

Like what you see in our August box?! Don’t miss another month and reserve our September Momma Box today!


One comment

  1. I love my little card case! It holds all my gift cards so I can finally keep track of them! Thank you for this thoughtful box!


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