So you had a sh*tty summer

Wow! A new school year is upon us already. I feel like I was just bringing in end of the year treats, preparing for summer-I blinked and we are already here getting ready for the fall school season! How?!

If you are anything like me, I always get SO excited to have the kids home for summer. I miss having them home during the day, ya know?! I’m that mom who is looking up and down Pinterest for new summer fun, coming up with a summer bucket list to fulfill in my head… and then it happens! They come home and it all goes to hell.

Well guess what? I am here to tell you that IT WILL BE OKAY! It’s okay if you had to work a lot this summer! It’s okay if you have been in a slump. It’s ok if you are struggling with an illness and can’t be having that water balloon fight with the kids. It is OKAY if they have to entertain themselves and spend a beautiful day inside watching television. THE KIDS WILL BE OKAY!

Look, life happens. Plans change, moods can change, things come up, things happen, and the perfect summer isn’t always attainable. Don’t feel guilty! Don’t feel guilty that LIFE HAPPENS! It’s an important lesson for our kids to learn! It’s good for our kids to entertain themselves, and find things to do for themselves! Don’t let mom guilt take over!

Don’t send your kids to their first day of school, feeling bad about the not so perfect summer you had. Focus on moving forward and what you can do to make it the best school year ever! Your kids will move on, and so can you! Mom guilt can be a powerful thing, that can even turn into depression if you let it take over. Mom life is HARD, and in the times we live in, their is a standard that is set pretty darn high for us moms to maintain. Social media makes that even harder!

Take a deep breath Momma. Life will go on and you still have more summers to enjoy with your family. Do NOT let the “18 summers with your kids” start to make you feel guilty. You have time! Don’t guilt yourself into thinking you are a bad mom because your summer didn’t go as planned.

So when you are doubting yourself and feeling guilty. Tell yourself to shut up. Tell your guilt to go away. Life happens Momma. It is what it is. Focus on the forward and what you can do to make your future days the best they can be. You are loved, and you are human. You are awesome.

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