Holiday Sanity Savers

            The Holiday season is here! We all know what that means, more work for Momma than any other time of the year!  There’s more housework, more planning, more cooking, and obviously more wine in your cellar to keep you “sane”! We’ve come up with just a few ideas to try and make your lives a little easier during the hectic holiday rush!

The Kids Table– Nothing can be more daunting than trying to keep the kids at their own table, just long enough to have a little adult conversation. Here are a couple of ways to help:

            1. You can use white, rolling paper as a tablecloth, and add crayons to keep the kids occupied.  This is a great way for them to get creative and engaged with each other and hopefully need you less.

            2. Make clean up easier by laying a couple of cheap, vinyl tablecloths on the floor to help catch any spills.  By doing this, you will make your after dinner clean up so much faster!

Potatoes– My favorite holiday food (anytime of the year food) are mashed potatoes.  As delicious as they are, they are also one of the most time consuming and time management related holiday foods.  We all know the worst part of making this delicious vegetable is having to peel each. And. Every. One. Blah! Make things easier on yourself and boil the potatoes whole. Yes, I said boil them whole.  Check to make sure they are completely cooked by sticking a knife into one of the potatoes. Then, fill a large bowl with ice and water. Take each potato out of the boiling pot and put immediately into the ice water bowl.  This process is called shocking.  Lastly, remove the potatoes and the skin should practically fall right off. To keep your potatoes warm until serving time, use a slow cooker to store them in and set on warm. This tip has helped me so much!

* Thanksgiving Pants– We all want to look nice during the holidays, but let’s be honest… Those pants aren’t going to fit right after a large meal.  I’ve used this trick so many other times like, while trying to lose baby weight, holidays, or if you just want to convince yourself that those size 4’s can still really fit you! Now, you must be wearing pants with a button and buttonhole in order to do this.  Take a rubber band, preferably a hair band.  Put the band through the buttonhole and then wrap around your pants button.  Make sure that your pants are zipped, and it will expand the fit of your pants by a lot!

* Trash Saver– The clean up after any event is a pain in the ass! This tip can be used for just about any kind of gathering where you know you are going to have a lot of garbage. Instead of just loading 1 trash bag at a time into your trash bin, layer it with 3.  This allows you to remove 1 bag, once it’s full, and you still have 2 more left to use.  It saves a lot of time and is so much easier.

            These tips are great for the holidays but can really be used year-round! We hope that you Mommas will find these tips helpful and help you to enjoy your time with family just a little bit more. If it doesn’t, remember there’s extra wine in your house!!!!!

Happy Holidays!


Sarah- Boxy Momma

Emily- Fellow Momma

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