November Unboxing!

Take a peek inside our November box! November’s theme was Gobble Till You Wobble! Filled with goodies to help mom tackle Thanksgiving and remember what is important this season!

Apron-Every mom should have a good apron on hand during the holiday season! Last thing you need is an extra stain on your clothes to worry about! So boxes included an apron from Primitives by Kathy! (It even has a pockets! Score!) RV $24.99

Grateful Bracelet-We wanted to remind mom to be grateful for everything she has this year, with these wonderful handmade bracelets are from Amy Catherine Designs! It’s hard to remember all that you have in the midst of the madness, but take a few moments to think about everything you have in your life. I sure am grateful for my awesome subscribers! RV $16

Sanitizer– Aside from the holiday season, it is also SICK SEASON! As moms we know kids touch some nasty stuff, so it’s good to always have some sanitizer handy! Not just any sanitizer though, this is natural hand and surface cleaner made with simple ingredients including water, essential oil, and vinegar! These awesome sanitizers are from YukBeGone! RV $5

Sugar Saver– We do a lot of baking at my house between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Brown sugar tends to dry out quick so keep it fresh and moist with a sugar saver from Brown Sugar Discs! Simply soak in water for 15 minutes and then place in your brown sugar! Keeps your sugar fresh for up to three months. Once it starts getting dry, just repeat! RV $3


BONUS! Microwave Cleaner-No mom likes a dirty microwave! So this months boxes included a bonus Angry Momma Microwave Cleaner! She makes the job easier by steaming it first before you have to wipe it down! Save your energy and muscles for other mom life things!

What is is your favorite item in this box?!

Don’t miss another and subscribe today at! You won’t want to miss our December box!

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