Moms Holiday Gift List for 2019

Another year gone; Another holiday season is upon us. Everyone always wants to know what we want for the holidays! Here are some great ideas for mom this year that are better than just that new pair of pajamas you get her every year. 

1. A subscription box- The gift that keeps giving month after month! There are SO many to pick from, but we’ve got Mom covered right here at The Boxy Momma Company! We are the monthly gift that every mom deserves! It’s created for moms by a mom! Filled with useful, fun items to remind mom she is awesome, valued, and appreciated! Give one box, or a monthly gift! A subscription box is also a great gift for any Momma friend that you love! (Discounts offered on 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions!) Get yours right here

2. A clean house- For real, what we wouldn’t give for a clean house… so serious! Hire a cleaning person/company. Give Momma a break and give mom some time off. Get someone to clean those baseboards, clean the fan, do the dishes… Whatever! Can’t afford to hire someone? DIY Time! When you have a clean-living space, it helps everyone function better. Tell the family that mom wants a clean bathroom this holiday season! I’ve done this; it works!

3. A clean car- If you’re going to be cleaning the house for Momma, you may as well throw in the car as well! Give her the gift of a detailed car! Clean out those Goldfish crumbs, that random sock, the baseball glove from summertime. Even if it only sticks for a day, it will make her happy and let her know that you appreciate all the hard work that she puts into cleaning all year round!

4. A remote vacuum- Every mom deserves to have a robotic vacuum! This can tremendously make house cleaning easier! I love mine and it has made such a difference in our life. I’ve gained so much time to do other things. I highly recommend one if you can afford it! You can even make it fun and name it.  My neighbor’s is called Trevor!

5. A spa day- Every mom loves some pampering! Treat mom to a day at the spa! Make sure that she gets a great massage, manicure, pedicure, and any other relaxing treatment that your Mom deserves! When I’m feeling overwhelmed, a day at the spa is just the retreat that I need to come back a new woman! When Moms feel good, it makes us better Moms!

6. Concert tickets- Treat mom to a night off filled with her favorite music. When you attend concerts and events on a regular basis, it’s even said to prolong your life! For real! Check out this study that was done by this group called O2, read the article here

7. Movie tickets –Stuff Mom’s stocking with some movie tickets to go out by herself, with a friend, or make it a date night! We never get to see the movies we want these days, so this is the perfect opportunity to give us the chance to do something that we want to do!

8. Jewelry- Moms love jewelry! Any jewelry! What makes it even better, is getting something personalized and will have meaning behind it. Having something made with the children’s names, photographs, or get something monogrammed.  I always say, “If it’s not living, monogram it!” We love having something that we can carry with us, to remind us of the ones we love. (Etsy has some great personalized jewelry, literally just plug personalized jewelry into the search, even better… plug in personalized mom jewelry) 

9. Personalized gifts- Since I brought it up on the last gift idea, I’ll add on to that. Moms LOVE handmade items. I’m talking nice items, not just those popsicle stick ornaments, or cotton ball snowmen. Put those sweet handprints on a serving plate, a steppingstone, a mug, or a canvas (just to name a few). It’s super easy to do, you can get so many different options on Amazon, or you can even to go a local ceramic/pottery shop and get it done there! We have a few local stores where you can paint pottery, give her the gift of those sweet handprints that she can have forever!

10. Photo Gifts- Yes! I’m going to branch out again from those personalized gifts. Photo gifts are also a great option! Do something with all those great pictures she takes other than just taking up space on her phone. Blow them up on a blanket she can cuddle with, put them on a calendar, or get her a canvas of her favorite family picture. We love looking at our sweet family photos! There are a ton of websites that cater to these awesome gifts! Some companies even have local businesses that you can pick your items up at.

11. Candles- Yes, an easy go-to, but come on… who doesn’t love a good smelling candle?! Especially during the winter and holiday season! 

12. Build-a-bear- Not for the kids, For mom! My son got me one for Mother’s Day a few years back, and I still sleep with it to this day. Yeah, that’s right. I sleep with a stuffed animal and I’m proud of it! He came up with the idea himself, and through the years, it means more and more to me. The fact that he made it for me only, makes it so special.  I can snuggle the bear when the kids don’t want to snuggle me anymore, and you can include a voice recorded button in your bear! This is a great keepsake for moms that she can love forever!

            When it comes to Mom, she will always love anything that you do for her because it’s from you.  Let’s be honest…we are suckers for our babies! We want to remind you to spoil and surprise your Momma all year round, but the holidays offer a special chance to let her know how much you appreciate her.  Any of the gift ideas above, are wonderful.  There are also plenty of searches that you can do to check out this season’s recommended “HOT” gifts for women. No matter what you do, we promise your Momma will love it!

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