December Unboxing!

Take a peek inside of our amazing “Oh Snap!” themed December box! This box is filled with some AMAZING products to help our Mommas get through the crazy holiday season! I have to say that this is one of my favorite boxes of the year!

Ornament– Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle! Remember to go with the flow, and enjoy the little things that this time of the year can bring. Create new traditions, have fun and be a happy Momma! You deserve an amazing holiday, so don’t forget it with this fun ornament by Primitives by Kathy. You can hang it on the tree, or on a door handle as a reminder through the month! PRIMITIVESBYKATHY.COM RV $7

Vitamins- Take care of yourself this month! (and every month after too of course!) This time of the year can bring added stress, lack of sleep, increased running around and more exposure to germs! It’s so easy to get worn down, so take care of yourself with these SugarBearHair Women’s Multivitamins! SUGARBEARHAIR.COM RV $29.99

Sugar Scrub- Holiday wishes to you Momma! Treat that beautiful mom skin to a plum and nutmeg sugar scrub to keep your skin feeling soft and fabulous! Seriously Shea, is an amazing company that has created this wonderful product. Seriously Shea also supports mental health and are strong advocates for those with mental illness! SERIOUSLYSHEA.COM RV $8

2020 Planner- Start the new year off with a new planner, with a positive message, that helps you to stay organized! I’m personally a fan of the good old paper planner. It’s nice to write things down and add my own personal touch. This planner from TF Publishing, is the perfect size for almost any purse or diaper bag! TFPUBLISHING.COM RV $9.99

Lip Balm- Keep those lovely Momma lips soft and moisturized this season! This all natural lip balm, from Amber Blue Avenue, is all natural and hand poured. They have the perfect flavors for this time of the year! ETSY.COM/SHOP/AMBERBLUEAVENUE RV $3.80

Cookie Press- Enjoy a fun shaped cookie press that you can use during your holiday baking! You can find the instructions for use and baking recipes included in your box pamphlet. BROWNSUGARDISCS.COM RV $3


Headband- Keep your hair out of your face, while completing all of your hectic holiday activities, with a headband from Banibands. These headbands hold your hair in place, and are adjustable to fit your head. They also won’t give you the typical headache that can come with other headbands! BANIBANDS.COM

Don’t miss another month and order your Momma Box today! Join Here

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