Find The Joy❤

Sometimes we can lose site of the joy in motherhood. The stress, and chaos can take over, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and guilty. It’s time to take back your joy! Here 8 tips to help you find the joy again!

  1. Find a hobby! Don’t forget, you are still more than just a mom! Find something that you enjoy and make it your own! Whether it’s journaling, reading a book, couponing, makeup…anything! Don’t lose sight of the things that make you, YOU!
  2. Start a gratitude journal! In the midst of the chaos, it’s easy to lose sight of the positives vs. negatives. It’s a simple way to teach yourself ways to be happy and find a pattern of things that bring you joy!
  3. Prioritize self care! Make it a priority to take a shower every day! Take five minutes for yourself! Do something that brings you joy daily and make itan important part of your routine.
  4. Look at memories. Take a few minutes to glance at old pictures. See how much time has flown by?! Craziness, right?! It is an easy, quick way to remind you of the good, the cuteness, the happy… the things that bring you enough joy that you take a picture and document that memory❤
  5. Start with a song. Start your day with your favorite tunes to get you going in a good mood! Make sure it is upbeat to help give you some pep!

6. Schedule quality time with your kids! No matter what age, make it a point to have quality time with your kids. Stop what ever else you are doing, and make it just about them. Whether it’s playing a board game, or watching a movie together, or if your kids are older, just a simple phone call to check in. Make it a point to zone in on the ones that made you Momma

7. Tell yourself… (this is an important one!!) This too shall pass. Like I have heard this so many times, but now my kids are getting out of toddler phase and into a more independent phase. I get it more now. Pick your battles, take a deep breath, let it go. These moments of chaos and hopelessness will pass. You can do this mom!

8. Reward yourself. For real! Whether it is a cup of coffee, or getting your nails done, to subscribing to The Momma Box (wink wink) You deserve something for yourself. TREAT YO SELF! They don’t say it for nothing!

Whatever you are going through, remember you are not alone. You have a team on your side rooting for you. You deserve to be a happy mom, but it is in your hands! Always feel free to reach out, we are here for you!

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