January Unboxing

Take a peek inside our Joyful in January Momma Box! This box was PACKED with goodies to help mom find joy!

Body Buffer– One thing that brings me major joy is a good shower! Enjoy this body wash infused sponge from Spongelle! They smell amazing, and will make you feel amazing too! Plus you can use them over and over again!! www.spongelle.com

Mom Confess-These cards are a perfect conversation starter for you and your friends (or your partner!!). These cards will help you feel a little less crazy, and more connected when it comes to parenthood! www.momsconfess.com

Magnet– Remember to live your life to it’s fullest and be happy with a magnet from Primitives by Kathy! A great daily reminder as you go in and out of the fridge! www.primitivesbykathy.com

Air Freshener– I don’t know about you, but I need some summer vibes in my life. Michigan is cold and dreary so I thought these fun summer-y air fresheners are perfect to bring a little joy in January. www.giftcraft.com

Hand Lotion– When you’re a mom, it’s the little things that bring you joy…. like soft skin! Give your hands some tlc this January with handcrafted lotion from another awesome Michigan company, Opulent Blends! Bonus lavender hand sanitizer sample… score!! www.opulentblends.com

Menu Planner– One thing that doesn’t bring me joy is when my kids ask what’s for dinner, and I sit there with a blank stare saying “uhhhhhhhh”. Problem solved with this handy weekly menu planner. Not only is it a menu planner, it’s a shopping list too! With 60 pages, you’re set for the whole year! www.PeterPauperPress.com

Pocket Mirror– Sending positive and joyful vibes your way with a fun pocket mirror to look at that beautiful face of yours! I have always found it handy to keep one in my purse or diaper bag so I thought you could use one too! (Hopefully!!) www.giftcraft.com

Makeup Brush– Declutter your makeup brushes this January with this handy 4-in-1 brush that includes a brow brush, screw brush, eye shadow brush, and lip brush! Plus it goes perfect with your new mirror! www.giftcraft.com

Our next box is Love Stinks! (To help mom through all the smells of motherhood) Order your own Momma Box and join the fun! Subscribe here!

One comment

  1. Mom Confession cards are by far my favorite for this month! I love these boxes so much! Thank you for doing something for us moms!


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