Week #2 of The Boxy Momma Book Club! “The Death of Mrs. Westaway” By: Ruth Ware

Hi Mommas! I really hope that you all are enjoying our first book as much as I am! I completely understand that not everyone will be able to complete each weeks chapters as listed. My main goal is for everyone to complete the book within the current month, so that we can start the new book on the 1st of the following month. Since I know that not everyone was able to complete all of the chapters, I will base my weekly questions on events that have happened within the first few chapters of that weeks “assignment”. If you find yourself falling behind and weren’t able to respond to a certain weeks question, you can still go back and respond later. In order to be entered into the monthly drawing, you just need to make sure that I can see that you have interacted with the weekly blog questions, by the last day of the month. For each months book, I will make the book announcement on Instagram once. Then, any comments or additions besides the blog post that I have with be added to that one post picture of the current book. That way, we don’t have a ton of pictures of the same book on our social media. If anyone has any questions about the current or upcoming books, don’t hesitate to let me know! I will post the book for March within the next couple of days. I have narrowed it down to a couple and I just need to make sure that it’s a widely available book for everyone who needs to borrow from the library and not purchase the book. Ok, so now for this weeks questions! * THIS WEEKS CHAPTER GOAL IS 25-40

  1. So far, do you think that the Westerways are believing that Hal is really who she says she is?
  2. Where do you think that the “help me” inscription came from?

I look forward to reading your responses!


  1. 1. This family is so cagey. I really can’t tell who believes what or if they themselves are full of it. Also, what’s with Mrs. Warren..are we supposed to suspect her or is she just crazy.
    2. That room was clearly used as a prison. Those kids were abused and tortured emotionally. It could have been any of those kids.


    • I agree with you on all of it! I think there’s more to Mrs. Warren and I’m interested to find out. There are so many facets to this story and that’s why I love her writing! I hope you are enjoying it and thank you so much for joining!


  2. So I already finished the book..but while reading this part, it seemed like most of the family believed Hal was Maud’s daughter. The only one that may have been skeptical was Harding, but he was also the only one who really felt like he was cheated out of an inheritance. Although not immediate family, Mrs. Warren also seems to have suspicions about Hal at this point!
    As far as the “Help Me” etching, I assumed it was done by either Maud, Maggie, or some other figure we haven’t met yet. I find that attic room to be very creepy and can’t imagine having to sleep up there as a guest!

    Also – I can’t wait to see what book you choose for March 😊


    • Thats so great that you have finished it! I live how she writes because the story never lags and it’s easy to read right through her books! Thanks so much for joining our new club and I hope everyone likes the next book!


  3. I think Harding is the only one who is no fulling buying into Hal’s story.

    The inscription was written by one of the children as they were locked away by their mother.

    I am enjoying the book to the fullest it is so captivating I was reading it on my way home and missed my stop lol..


  4. I’ve only gotten to chapter 16 but I’m thinking there is probably a twist. For some reason I feel that Hal is actually part of the family somehow someway. I think Mrs. Warren comes off creepy because she knows the truth about Hal. I think Maud or Maggie is actually Hal’s mom, she changed her name to not be found by her evil escape to keep Hal out if the attick. Maybe Mrs. Warren found a way to get Hal in the will. Maybe this theory is far fetched, idk

    The “help me” was definitely from one of the kids or maybe Mrs. Warren. Somebody was imprisoned up there.

    I think Harding is suspicious that Hal is not really part of the family or maybe he really is just pissed about the whole situation.

    And maybe the tarot cards are true even though Hal doesnt believe so. Maybe somehow the tarot cards helped Margarida (really Maud or Maggie) find her new life without her evil mother.

    Maybe once I get caught up to chapter 24 I’ll have a different theory. Really hoping I can get to chapter 40 in time 🙈


    • Or maybe Mrs. Warren or one of the uncles killed Mrs. Westaway. Maybe Harding killed her just for the inheritance and that’s why he is so angry about it.


  5. Ok I obviously commented too soon lol. But I was right that Maggie is her mom! I do think the family is believing she is who she says she is. I would think someone would have spoken up by now. She is bound to either get caught or confess, secrets always come out one way or another. I do however think Mrs. Warren knows the whole truth, she comes off creepy and mean because she is old fashioned but I think she helped Maud escape and helped Maggie in some way too after she got pregnant. If I’m reading the journal readings correctly, is Abel or Ezra Hal’s dad?? Kissing cousins maybe?? Did Mrs. Westaway know that and in her evil way waited until her death to reveal the hidden family secrets? Is Maud still alive? Why has nobody asked about Maggie, she was a cousin right??


    • I agree with all that you are saying! I really don’t know who the father is though. I feel like it’s going to be another twist! I’m so happy that you are enjoying the book and just read what you can!


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