February Unboxing!

When it comes to motherhood, love can stink…. literally! This box included goodies to help you through the stink and take care of yourself along the way! Take a peek inside!

Sultry Perfume– One of my must have items in my purse, is a perfume roller! You never know when you will need it to freshen up or cover up a stinky smell! This roller oil is the Sultry scent; Beautiful exotic white musk and blonde amber surround fresh watery accords and a modern rose muguet, fancy right?! Smells just as amazing too! MyMixologie.com

Toothbrush-These Woo Bamboo toothbrushes are eco-friendly and provide you with a softer bristle, for a more comfortable clean! Plus they are made with bamboo that panda bears DON’T eat, therefore not affecting their food supply!! Help the planet, and your mouth at the same time! Fun fact-already more than five million plastic toothbrushes have been replaced! How awesome is that?! ShopWooBamboo.com

BONUS! Toothpaste– No one wants a mom with stinky morning breath! Every box included sample of Woo Bamboo’s eco-awesome toothpaste! Their sweet cinnamon flavor tastes amazing and is flouride-free! ShopWooBamboo.com

Facial Polish- Every mom deserves some treats for Valentine’s Day! These cute guava and passion fruit hearts from Bonbon are perfect for just that! These hearts are a treat for your face! They smell amazing, and will help exfoliate and hydrate your skin! EnjoyBonbon.com

Face Mask- After dealing with all the stinks and smells, mom deserves some goodies to take care of that beautiful mom face. This 2 in 1 coffee scrub and mud mask from Que Bella is awesome! The caffeine and coffee will help wake up that tired mom skin! QueBellaBeauty.com

Relief Mints- All moms need a little relief once in a while from mom duties. Simply pop one of these mints from Placebos in your mouth and poof! You will find yourself in your bed, free of duties. (Heh, Wish it was that easy sometimes, huh? But it made you smile right? At least your mouth is minty fresh now!) Plus Placebos also supports mental health organizations like us! PlacebosMints.com

BONUS! Odoban Spray- This versatile spray will clean up messes, sanitize, and eliminate any stinky odor you may be dealing with! All mommas know, you can never have enough products to take away from the smells our monsters can leave behind! Odoban.com

BONUS! Vitamins- Take care of yourself mom! We want you to best your best self so enjoy a round of SugarBear Hair women’s multi vitamins! They are vegan gummies and taste amazing! SugarBearHair.com

We want to know! What was your favorite item in this month’s box?!

Our next box is Stay Sprung-to help mom stay sprung all spring long! Order your own Momma Box and join the fun! Subscribe here!


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