The End of Our First Boxy Momma Book Club Selection: “The Death of Mrs. Westaway”

Alright Ladies! So, who loved this book as much as I did? All of Ruth Ware’s books are always full of twists and turns. What did you think about the ending and the book overall? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and I want to thank everyone again, who participated. Our next book is ” The Rules of Magic” By: Alice Hoffman. Don’t forget to comment on ALL of our weekly blog posts to be entered into our prize winning contest. I will give everyone an extra day to do so, if you haven’t. We will announce the winner on Wednesday!


  1. I really loved the ending. That type of suspense, thriller, is right up my alley. I read the ending very quickly, and couldn’t put it down. Thank you for the recommendation!


  2. Yes lots of twists, I started getting that iffy feeling about Ezra when they were in the car. I kind of wish Mrs. Warren played a bigger roll, her creepiness the whole time and then she was just dead. But overall I liked the book:)


  3. This book was fun to read…loved all the twists. I suspected everyone at one point in the story, but like the way it ended. What a complicated family!!


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