St. Patrick’s Day Crystal Rainbow Craft

To make this super cool, crystallized rainbow, you will only need a few things:
– rainbow colored pipe cleaners
– Borax
– Hot water
– string
– popsicle stick

– put your pipe cleaners together and twist loosely at the end to keep them together
– use a large bowl or container that the entire rainbow will fit into. A mason jar is a very good choice.
– pour about a cup of borax into your container
– bring water to a boil and then put into the container and stir until borax is mixed into water
– tie your rainbow to the popsicle stick to make it hold the rainbow into place in the water
– put your entire rainbow into the hot water mix and let sit overnight

Then enjoy your child’s craft! My son and I did this for the first time over 3 years ago and it’s still just as sturdy as is was then!


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