Book Club: “The Rules of Magic” Part 1

Welcome back everyone to another great month of the Boxy Momma Book Club! Our book this month is “The Rules of Magic”. It follows the magical ladies of the Owens Family. This book is written by Alice Hoffman, who also wrote “Practical Magic”. How does everyone like it so far? What do you think of the Owens Family?


  1. I love the Owen’s family, I like that besides their magic they are normal siblings. The parents are strict but I understand why. Aunt Isabell is super cool, can I go stay the summer with her!? I even liked April too, I think she’ll back. And I love Lewis!!


  2. I’m loving this book! I’m a big fan of supernatural. I’m hesitant to fall in love with the characters, I feel like there is a lot of dark foreshadowing happening. But I’m definitely hooked!!


  3. I actually haven’t read or watched Practical Magic so the Owens family is new to me; and I’m excited to see where this book is going to go! The Owens family has a lot of typical and relatable family dynamics; however, their magical abilities really set them apart! I’m looking forward to seeing their abilities develop and what problems arise. I also think it’s interesting how each sibling has unique magical abilities but all of them are somewhat isolating from their peers.


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