The March Momma Box

Take a peek inside our March “Stay Sprung” Momma Box! Filled with goodies to help mom stay sprung all through spring!!

Reusable Snack Bags– As a mom, I’ve come to realize the amount of Ziploc bags we go through in a week is disgusting! Just between my two boys that go to school, we use about 6 bags A DAY for snacks and lunch! So this month we included a 2 piece set of reusable snack bags from Luv Bug Co. They are machine washable and dryer safe too!

Rebooting Night Serum– It’s important to take care of your skin. I slack at it myself; but in recent months, I’ve really tried to make it a part of my daily routine and you should too! This Rebooting Night Serum from Gr8 Skincare is filled with Vitamins A & C, and anti-inflammatory probiotics to help rejuvenate your skin through the night, plus give your skin a healthy glow!

No Soliciting Sign– The second spring starts to show her pretty face, so do those pesky door to door solicitors. They know just when my little ones fall asleep for naptime. It’s always the perfect time to ring my doorbell and uproot the whole family. The dog barks, the kids jump, the cat runs, the dog chases after the cat, and just like that, my few moments of peace are over because Dave thought we could use a free estimate on siding! Well problem SOLVED with this awesome no soliciting door sign from Primitives by Kathy!

Sticky Note Set– Stick them here, there, and everywhere! Multiple sizes and styles are included so you can use them for whatever you may need.. from a note, to a bookmark, to a task list, this set has you covered. Plus a positive reminder on the cover!

Car Coasters– Absorbent stoneware coasters help keep your cup holders from getting gross, and keep your car looking cute! Enjoy a set of car coasters to get you in the spring mood, and remind everyone who is in charge of the chaos!

Our next box ships April 7th! You can snag yours and join the fun! Subscribe here!

What is your favorite item in this month’s box?!

One comment

  1. The No Soliciting sign is up in my office and I use those snack bags every day already! Thank you for a wonderful box!


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