Boxy Momma Book Club, Book #2 is in the books! “The Rules of Magic”

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you all are well! So, what’s everyone’s final thoughts on “The Rules of Magic?” I LOVE Alice Hoffman as an author! Her books always make me feel like I’ve been transported to another world and this book was no exception. I truly hope that you all have enjoyed it! Now, in to our book for April: “Wishful Drinking” by: the late and great Carrie Fisher. Fishers writing style is always a fast read and hilarious. Let’s try for the first 5 chapters by next Wednesday!


  1. I really fell in love with this family. I put her other books on my wish list to read in the future. Thank you for introducing me to this author and family!!

    As for Wishful Drinking, I got it and read it in one evening! It was HILARIOUS! It was a nice change of pace from our daily chaos. I look forward to reading everyone’s thoughts!


    • OMG I love that! She’s was such a great writer! Maybe I can come up with another book that can be an option for discussion as well. I thought people might finish her book very quickly 😀. I will check out my library’s online selections and post a second option for this who finish early!!!!


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