Is Being at Home Making You Crazy?

Hey Mommas!

We all know that we are living in crazy times. Some are out of work, some are still working but being exposed to possible threats everyday, some are becoming teachers for the first time in their lives and some have it all going on! In uncertain times like this, I am in no way an authority on how to make things better, but…I’m going to try! As far as my family is concerned, I am already a homeschool teacher and stay at home Mom. It’s never lost on me of how lucky I am for that. However, my husband is an essential healthcare worker, who is on the front lines of this virus 5+nights a week. We are doing everything that we can to stay healthy. We are bulking up on our vitamins, cleaning and disinfecting everyday and he’s sleeping downstairs. Besides the fact that we are concerned about our families possible exposure, my son and I haven’t been able to hug my husband in over a month. This is hard for any family, especially if you are already used to having a lot of time together, as we are. My son is old enough to understand why we are doing what we’re doing, but it doesn’t make it easier on him. He’s FaceTiming friends everyday, taking his karate lessons 3 nights a week via zoom, and we are getting as creative as we can.
I honestly think that my family has already had this virus. We had a period of time, after the holidays, where my husband was sick for over a month. He had almost all of the Coronavirus symptoms, and the other doctors at the time, didn’t know what he had. I had mild symptoms and luckily my son coughed maybe once. I’m very hopeful that I’m right in this and that we’ve already had it and that hopefully we have some kind of immunity. However, none of us can really be sure, right? I know that all of you have your own hardships and stories about this life altering time. So, instead of worrying about things that we can’t control, we are trying very hard to just stay busy.
One thing that I have started is something that I haven’t really done since high school which is…EXERCISE! I’ve started doing Pilates and yoga everyday and I’m telling you that it works! Even after two days, I felt better, felt thinner and stronger. Yes, I’m still falling over and off of my mat everyday, but I have faith that I will get better LOL! There are a ton of programs that you can sign up for to have exercise programs, but those also can come at a high cost. I’m here to tell you that there are a ton of FREE and full length videos on YouTube that will suit any kind of workout that you are looking for. I’ve even gotten my son a mat and he’s doing some of it with me. When I was younger, I was a figure skater and all I did was workout. After a career ending injury, I didn’t have the same routine. I’ve never liked to just run or do straight cardio that wasn’t skating or dancing. Since my injury, certain exercises just don’t work for me. That’s why I love Pilates and yoga. It really is helping me relax and I highly suggest getting into YouTube and giving it a try.
Another thing we are doing is relying a lot on sites like Pinterest for inspiration. There are so many recipes, art projects and fun and goofy things that you can do with your kids! Most of which cost very little to nothing to make.
Whichever way that you decide to pass this difficult time, please know that Boxy Momma is hear for you if you need to vent, or just want to have contact with other moms. Thats why Sarah started this company. To help other Mommas to have a network of love and support and the occasional laugh…ok hopefully lots of laughs! Please respond to this post and tell us your stories of how you are getting through this. Also, don’t forget about our Boxy Momma Bookclub. We have a few Moms that are very involved in the weekly conversations and I’ve loved talking back and forth with them. We would love to have more! We are wishing you all love and support and keep on keeping on Mommas!!!!!❤️


    • Thank you Michelle! That really means a lot. One of my husbands close coworkers just had their wife, whose a nurse in the same hospital, test positive. So….we are thinking of them and hoping to stay healthy ourselves. The hospital hasn’t tested her husband. They just told him to stay home for 14 days so that doesn’t help our anxiety but it shows you how stingy they are being with test. I hope that you and your family are doing well!


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