April Unboxing

It’s time to take a look inside our April Momma Box! April’s theme was “April Shower’s Bring Momma Mayhem!” We sure have been experiencing a lot of mayhem lately! We are here to help you through it!

Migraine Stick– Migraines and headaches are the worst. Not only do they cause mayhem in your life; but mayhem can also bring them on as well! Migrastil Migraine Sticks make an awesome addition to your headache/migraine remedies/routine! MigraineStick.com

Deodorant– Mayhem can definitely bring on the sweats. I made the switch to aluminum free deodorant a while back, and I’m so glad I did! Enjoy this natural deodorant from Wildroot. I absolutely love the smell! Once your body gets used to the aluminum free formula, it works great!! I honestly had no issues from the very beginning, but some do experience odor and sweating due to your body adjusting. Shopwildroot.com

Xpand Laces– One thing that drives my anxiety through the roof is running late, and then having to tie the shoes of three boys, and then my own. These Xpand laces are a game changer! Turn any shoe into a slip on! They work with both adult, and kid sizes so you can use them for whoever you’d like! XpandLaces.com

Wrinkle Spray– Another issue I run into that causes mayhem, is having a wrinkly shirt that needs to be ironed at the very last minute! Tom an Sheri’s Iron In A Bottle is perfect for those wrinkles you don’t have time to get the board and iron out for! It’s super easy to use! Simply spray down the shirt (starting at the top), give it a whip or two, smooth it out with your hand and you are ready to go! Plus it’s natural and made with only plant based ingredients! Tomandsherisproducts.com

Picture Frame– As the frame says; Live life in full bloom.. especially these days! Find a picture with one of your most favorite memories and frame it. Use it as a reminder to focus on what is important right in front of you. Your family, your health, your life. Enjoy every moment you have! Primitivesbykathy.com

Mystery Item– As we all know, a bomb was dropped on us this month. I had a couple last minute shipping issues with products but wanted to make sure you still got an amazing box this month so enjoy a mystery bonus item sure to help with the mayhem of motherhood! (Example pictured Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Treater)

BONUS for Easter! Because moms deserve some Easter fun too!

Our next box ships May 6th! It’s our Mother’s Day box and you won’t want to miss it! Join our Momma tribe now just subscribe here!

What is your favorite item from this month’s box? Let us know in the comments below!

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