“My Absolute Darling” up to Chapter 12:

Hello Everyone,

I hope that you all are well. Ok. So, I know that this book choice is a bit heavy. There’s a lot to unpack in this story and instead of focusing on the saddest and most disturbing points, let’s focus on the strength it takes to be Turtle. How do you think that you would do, if you lived in complete seclusion and off of the grid? I know we are all experiencing what it feels like to be secluded right now, so we can relate to that aspect of the story. I’m going to keep this post short for tv is section and let’s try to read to chapter 21 by May 25th.

One comment

  1. I needed to finish the book to get it returned to the library in time (I didn’t even realize electronic versions had due dates!) I really enjoyed watching Turtle and Jacob interact with each other. I’m sure she has other interesting experiences at school. But to watch her react to sarcasm and their need for her help – probably the first time she was able to truly save someone and be needed in that way, was really refreshing. I feel like Turtle adjusted quickly and caught on to their banter, much faster than I expected. Their friendship was built out of need and respect and I really loved that.


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