May Unboxing!

Take a peek inside our May box! May’s theme was Mother’s YAY! In honor of Mother’s Day! Check it out!

Necklace– Of course Momma needs jewelry for Mother’s Day! This year we all need a reminder of our importance! We featured a variety of necklaces from Be The Good! Be The Good Jewelry is all about trying to make the world a better place with inspirational and uplifting jewelry! I thought it was a perfect addition to our Mother’s Day box! (Varieties also included Tiny Tribe Necklace, and Believe Their is Good)

Facial Toner- Give that beautiful mom face some love with this invigorating and balancing toner from Province Apothecary! Your skin will feel amazing after just one or two sprays! Plus it’s plant based so no harsh chemicals or alcohol! Province Apothecary is all about organic, quality ingredients. Momma deserves only the best on for her mom skin!!

Perfume Roller- World’s Greatest mom’s deserve to smell amazing this Mother’s Day! This sugared violet scented perfume roller from Wicked Good is perfect for just that! These perfumes are crafted consciously with clean ingredients, are vegan, and pthalate free, so you can feel good while using it on your skin! (Plus it really does smell amazing!!) 

Can Koozie- Don’t forget it Momma, you are a total momshell! The whole kit and caboodle.. the full package! Say it loud and proud, and keep your drinks cool all summer long with this koozie from About Face Designs!

Face Mask- Take some time this Mother’s Day to pamper yourself! Put on this rosehip mud face mask, lock yourself in your room for 20-40 minutes while the mask does it’s work, and then go take a nice long shower or bath! You freaking deserve it! Especially these days! Take the day to enjoy yourself, and have some me time!! This awesome mud mask is from JJ Young!

BONUS! Seed Paper Hearts- Being that it is our Mother’s Day box, I wanted to send you love and flowers! These paper hearts are plantable!! Simply scatter the hearts in a sunny spot, cover it with 1/8″ of soil and keep it moist! Soon you’ll have a beautiful bunch of wildflowers!

Our next box is Insane in the Mom Brain! Filled with goodies to help mom through the craziness of mom life! Order your own Momma Box and join the fun! Subscribe here!

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