“Little Women” Boxy Momma Book Club:

Hello Everyone!

I hope that all are doing well. For our book this month, I wanted to go back to a “simpler” time with Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women”. I don’t know how everyone else feels but reading classics like this, and watching old movies, are a very comforting thing for me. It reminds me of a simpler time when your memories weren’t posted online for all to see, but were written in a journal or drawn in a picture. In a lot of ways, our world right now is so complicated yet still reverting back to a different time. To a time when we value family and shared experiences over technology. That’s why I wanted to read this book. I’ve seen the movie but I knew I had to read the original. I’ve always loved period pieces and my all time favorite author is Jane Austen, so you can guess that I’ve read a lot of classics. I highly recommend reading these amazing stories that take us back to a place that we all need to revisit now and again. With the events of our time right now, maybe revisit them even more. How is everyone liking the story of the March ladies?

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