July Unboxing!

Take a peek inside our July Momma Box! July’s theme was Make Today Your Beach and filled with goodies to help mom do just that!!

Bug Repellent– Nothing is worse than being attacked by bugs during a bonfire or summer cookout! This bug repellent from Proven is awesome to keep the insects at bay! We wanted to give you options so we included both their lotion and spray! Both options are gentle scented! The lotion protects for up to 14 hours, and the spray works for up to 12 hours! Proven features Picaridin which is derived from black pepper vs. using a DEET blend. It is considered safe, even for pregnant and breastfeeding women according to the CDC. I prefer this over using DEET. We deal with lots of bugs here in Michigan, this stuff works! provenrepellent.com

Rapid Sun Recovery Gel– After a long day in the sun, it’s nice to rub some cooling comfort on that skin! This Over Exposed gel from Tropic Labs gives you the perfect relief to that burn! It absorbs quickly so you don’t feel greasy and gross! Plus it’s 100% reef safe, environmentally friendly, vegan, and cruelty free! tropic-labs.com

Cookie Bites– As a mom, I find it hard to find time to eat. These yummy superfood cookie bites from Vive make it easy to sneak a snack in! They are made with 8 simple ingredients and filled with protein to give you some much needed energy. They are gluten free, vegan, and made with clean foods! They taste great too! vivesnacks.com

Facial Cleanser– After a day out in the hot sun, come wash off that sweat, and cool off your face with this Pore Cool Cleanser from JJ Young. It truly gives a cooling effect, perfect to help you unwind from the heat, or give you a wake up in the morning! jj-young.com

Block/Magnet– I feel it’s important to have positive messages throughout your home as reminder to remain hopeful, happy, and healthy! That’s why we included this positive affirmation block/magnet from Primitives by Kathy! They are thick enough to sit by themselves or have a magnet to hang wherever you please. primitivesbykathy.com

BONUS! Drink Mix– Mom life can make it difficult to keep hydrated, and stay energized. Especially during the summer time! These drink mixes from Everly are perfect for motherhood! They offer both energizing, and hydrating mixes… with this sample set you are able to try a little bit of each! Simply add to a 16 oz water bottle, shake, and enjoy! everly.com

BONUS! Positive Affirmation- An extra, extra bonus! A positive affirmation postcard from Postalist! postalist.com

Do you like sweary swag featured in Momma Boxes? We’d love to know!

Snag our next box now over at theboxymommaco.com

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