August Unboxing!

Time to peek inside our August Momma Box! August’s box theme was Insane In The Mom Brain and filled with goodies to help mom try and stay sane during these crazy days of motherhood!

Stress Ball– When things are tense, give your Boxy Momma stress brain a squeeze and remember you are not alone Momma! We are all feeling insane in the mom brain these days! If squeezing it doesn’t work, give it a good throw at the wall….. your kids…. your husband…. (I’m kidding!!… or am I? ) Exclusive from

Coloring Book– Our first ever exclusive Boxy Momma coloring book! Every page was designed by me with mom life in mind! It was quite time consuming designing a coloring book, I’ll definitely give you that!! Coloring is a GREAT tool for stress relief at any age! Plus it’s something you can do with your kids as they color!!

Colored Pencils– Of course Momma needs something to color with! This 12 count set of colored pencils is from Three Leaf and made from 100% recycled paper! They are wood free, earth friendly and are break resistant! They even last 2 to 3 times longer than an ordinary wood pencil! I’ve never even heard of such a thing until I started looking for pencils for this box! So neat!

Night Cream– Perfect for skin repairing, soothing irritation and inflammation of the skin! Give this natural mint and eucalyptus essential night cream from Professer Herb! Made in the UK, vegan and cruelty free as well!

Anti Stress Kit– This month being all about helping mom through insanity. Of course you need tons of tools to help you through just that! This stress kit from Blooming Light Alchemy is perfect and filled with goodies for stress relief! This kit includes a “Calm” essential oil roller, “Strong” essential oil inhaler and a jasper worry stone!

Cleansing Bar– Between all of the mom life insanity, it’s important to still take care of yourself! This cleansing bar from Laki Naturals will help wash away the dirt and grime that comes with mom life. They are vegan, cruelty free and smell AMAZING! (I could smell them outside of the box when they were delivered!!)

Wikki Stix– Wikki stix are not only fun for your kids, they can be fun for you too! This stress relief kit just for Momma! They can actually be used for so many things! They make great grips for hard to open things, keeping extension cords organized, twistie ties to keep things closed… the possibilities are endless! Or just give them to the kids to give you some peace and quiet for a few minutes. *Not for children under 3!* *Choking hazard! Be safe!*

Mom Vinyl Decal– Stick it on your car, on your computer, where ever you please! Remind your family whose the boss. Don’t try Momma! Exclusively designed just for Boxy Momma subscribers from our friends! They make custom shirts and stickers!

Lip Sparklette– Add some sparkle to those momma lips. (It might help take the focus off those undereye circles! ) These fabulous lip sparklettes are from Taika Hawaii! Created in Hawaii!! (I’m jealous!)

This had to be one of my favorite boxes so far that I’ve curated. I’d love to know what was your favorite! Did you have a favorite coloring page? Let us know!!

Be sure to snag our next box over at!

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