November Unboxing

It’s time to see what was inside our November Momma Box! November’s theme was Shop Till You Drop and filled with goodies to help mom through the chaos that comes with this season!

Travel Mug– Every mom needs a fun travel mug! Perfect to keep your caffeine in while doing all the running around this season brings! This cute mug is from About Face Designs!

Wristlet– When you get a chance to sneak away without the kids or just don’t feel like dragging around a purse, a wristlet pouch is a great replacement! Perfect size for just a few credit cards, and mask and the strap makes it easy to carry on your wrist! Wristlets may vary. From Primitives by Kathy!

Tote Bag– For the times you DO have a bunch to carry, Momma needs a tote bag! Wear your mom badge loud and proud with this exclusive bag from Boxy Momma! Made with organic cotton, printed on BOTH sides, plus it’s nice and thick so you can carry ALL of the mom things. You know what I’m talking about.

Face Powder– With the holidays upon us, I wanted to include some nice facial powder for the days Momma gets all pretty and pizazzed! This translucent facial powder is from Olga’s Organics! As it says in the name, this powder is all organic and it smells amazing! It’s perfect for preventing shine, and just gives a nice finishing touch!

Kabuki Brush– A perfect brush to go with the facial powder! Made from vegan fibers, and a bamboo handle. (Because bamboo grows 25x faster than other wood=more sustainable!) It’s super soft too! Also from Olga’s Organics!

Aurora Superfood Ampoule– Let’s face it, this time of year is extra stressful! Our faces take on a lot from the weather changes, on top of all the added stress. Treat your face to some extra TLC with this awesome facial serum from Earth Harbor! It makes your skin feel SO soft, helps clear up break outs, and brings a luminous glow back to that beautiful mom skin! This is made with hemp, but does not have CBD or THC in this formula!

Tea– I had enough extra from last month to give a bonus packet this month!! So enjoy some tea (perfect for your mug!) from Zest Tea!

And that is our November 2020 Momma Box! What do you think?! What is your favorite item?

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