The Benefits To Your Mental Health Through Minimalism

As Moms, we are always searching for ways to make our lives easier and more peaceful. I don’t know about you all but, in my house, a clear and organized space equals a clear and more present mind. There are many articles and facts that back up the thought of having less, makes life easier. When we have an organized space, where everything is where it should be, it’s a comfort to know that all is as it should be. I find deep comfort in knowing that where I put something before, is where it will be when I need it again. Due to the pandemic, we don’t entertain nearly as much as we used to but, it’s also relaxing to know that if someone pops in at the last minute, that my home doesn’t look like a tornado just ran through it. Trust me, I know that this is all much easier said than done. What I found to be helpful was to choose one space at a time to clean out and organize. I’ve also made myself a cleaning schedule, detailing on what days I will dust, mop, vacuum, etc. Basically giving me a schedule to do the regular things that need to be done to maintain a clean home. Doing this takes a lot of pressure off of me and my weekly cleaning time has been cut by a lot. There’s a thing called “Brain breaks” which all Moms need, are supported by deep breathing, meditation, and mindfulness. When you have a cleaner space, it can promote a calmer mind and body. Your negative thoughts can also be stripped of their power one task at a time: Be more with less. Stress less.

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