Vacation Season!!!!!

If you’re feeling anything like this Momma, you are ready to get out into the Spring and Summer wrath and hit the road! This is always the time of the year that kids are going off for Spring break and families are planning their yearly vacations. The past year has looked very different for everyone all around the world because of Covid. Travel is restricted in certain places that you may want to travel and you may feel afraid to travel due to the chance of getting sick. If these are things that pertain to you, there are plenty of options for fun getaways that can make you feel safer or more secure. There are amazing and beautiful places all around you, if you know how to look. Our entire country is filled with beautiful lakes, forests, deserts, national parks, mountains and off the beaten path adventures. We are looking at flying to a few places this year but are keeping an eye on restrictions and safety measure taken. In the mean time, we are very lucky to have a family houseboat that is only about an hour away. This gives us a great place to unwind, fish, swim and feel safe, while getting away at the same time. If you don’t have this luxury, there are plenty of ways to get away, close to home. You just have to look. Go online and search for cool places that are within a days drive of where you live. Hotels are taking super measures right now to be even cleaner and safer. Many airlines are also doing the same. I’ve had friends that have been flying over the past year and have told me that it was the cleanest that they’ve ever seen their planes. If you don’t want to travel, you can camp in your backyard, put up a sheet or screen and have a backyard movie, put down a slip and slide and fun yard games. There are so many ways to have fun in this weather, no matter how big or small your comfort zone is. Get outside and enjoy the sun!

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